Oopsie Daisy: A Floral Dilemma

"I received flowers, but there is no name on the card, could you please tell me who sent them? You see, I’m married but there’s this other guy... (Embarrassed uncomfortable giggle)... now I’m too scared to take the flowers home as I don’t know who sent them. Please help!"

You Have a Secret AdmirerOopsie daisy, someone has been a bad girl....

I think each and every florist out there has experienced a situation like this at some point and especially around special flower days like Valentine’s Day!

To put the minds of those naughty boys and girls who want to send anonymous flowers and gifts at ease, you can relax knowing that florists generally only include the message as you have written it, in the card. They do not edit or add extra information in there, or use any of the sender’s details. In fact most relay florists will never even get to see the sender’s details, as they only get the name of the recipient, address, telephone number and the message for the card, that’s it. So, no need to worry.

Some online florists provide a checkbox that says anonymous. If you click the anonymous checkbox or specifically ask us not to add their names to the card, it is like a doctor patient agreement. Our lips are sealed and we get to keep the juicy details to ourselves.

If no anonymous option is provided and you are concerned, just add a note in the special instructions. However in principle, no florist should give out any personal information without first consulting the sender.

There is however a way around this ‘florist-sender’ agreement that we are bound to. The bleeding hearts that we are, who love happy endings, and don’t want anyone to get into trouble (you can’t help it you’re hot and in demand, right? hehehe) will always do our best to help you out of sometimes, somewhat awkward situations. We could call the sender and ask them if we may say who he/she is or we’d just get them to inform the recipient themselves. If the sender still wishes to remain anonymous, then just enjoy the attention and your flowers or gift, or give it to a friend or colleague.

And they all lived Happily Ever After...

The End

PS. We don’t condone extra marital affairs or cheating in any way, each to his own... ;-)

PPS: Have you ever been in a similar situation, either as a service provider or as the sender/recipient of flowers or gifts? Share the juicy details with us in the comments below.


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2 comments on “Oopsie Daisy: A Floral Dilemma”

  • Dianne

    In our flower shop we will not send flowers if we do not have a senders name. We will send the order without it but advise the customer that if a recipient calls asking the question we release the name. We do that under advisement of our local police after being in the middle of a stalker concern. We have no desire to cause someone stress by receiving our flowers.

  • Thank you for your input Dianne. You make a very good point here. This is something we hadn't even considered to be honest, primarily because we haven't encountered a stalker situation ourselves yet. But this certainly gives us something to think about.
    Thank you for sharing this great insight with us.

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