Ideas for Secretaries Day & Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

Secretaries Day comes and goes and seems to be forgotten far too often... yet it’s a day that needs to be acknowledged and celebrated!

Secretaries Day FlowersLet’s face it; many secretaries are actually their boss’s boss. While most bosses don’t like to admit it, their secretary or PA is usually the one person in the office he can’t live without. In fact, she’s more often than not his ‘office wife’.

So bosses all around the world, take note and a minute to reflect on the value of your office assistants and what they actually do for you and your business.

Secretaries Day, Administrative Professionals or “I Love my PA” Day is celebrated all over the world. America, France and Australia celebrate secretary’s day in the months of April and May, while here in South Africa it falls on the 3rd of September 2014, even though it’s an unofficial secular holiday.

Why is Secretaries Day Important?

Secretaries, PA’s, receptionists and admin workers don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

  1. Secretary’s do the day to day admin, silly tasks and endless paperwork that no one wants to do, but without them lots of companies wouldn’t be able to function like well oiled machines and bosses will be lost.
  2. They don’t just type letters, do filing, staple a few papers together or make coffee. Most plan and run the lives of their bosses, take some punches (not literarily we hope) every now and then, and stick it out in good times and the bad.
  3. These office professionals, guys or girls are often irreplaceable, yet all their daily tasks go unnoticed most of the time and are taken for granted.

How to Celebrate Secretaries Day

Here are a few simple ideas for secretary’s day to acknowledge all the hard work your secretary does for you throughout the year:

  1. Take them out for a nice lunch.
  2. Give them the day or afternoon off, because you know they deserve it.
  3. If you would prefer to do something a little more affordable or less time consuming, send them a lovely bunch of flowers. The flowers will not only make your office look bright and cheerful, but they will also cheer up your secretary or PA, and give them a little more motivation that will add to the overall productivity in your office. Alternatively, send them a special gift like chocolates or a bath and body pamper hamper. Here are a few of our favourite flowers and gifts for Secretaries Day.



Hampers & Gifts


Just like it’s not a good idea to forget your wife’s Birthday or Anniversary, Secretary’s Day is one of those days in the year bosses should remember and celebrate!


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