Flower Delivery Uncovered

Flower DeliveryA Typical Day in the Office...
iMF: inMotion Flowers, Good Morning!
Caller: Is this Flowers in Motion?
iMF: Yes, this is inMotion Flowers.
Caller: Oh ok Flowers in the Motion. Do you sell flowers?
iMF: Yes we do.
Caller: Do you deliver?
iMF: Yes we do...
Caller: Do you deliver door to door?
iMF: Yes mam, not sure there’s any other way to deliver flowers, but yes we do deliver door to door...
Caller: Oh, I thought you put a card in our mail box and we come to collect the flowers from your shop...

Flower Delivery Door to Door

All florists sell flowers and most florists offer delivery believe it or not... leaving cards in your post box or at your door is what courier services do when they come to deliver a parcel and you are not at home. A florist might also leave a card if you are not at home when they come to deliver, however we prefer to call the recipient to arrange an alternative delivery time or we’ll arrange to leave them with a neighbour.

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees vary from florist to florist, as some delivery areas might be closer or further than others. Some florists also charge extra for certain delivery times, for example for morning deliveries from 8-1pm or afternoon deliveries from 1-5pm. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the delivery fees before you place your order.

Also, don’t be fooled by online florists that claim free delivery. The delivery costs are worked into the flower prices somewhere. The only time free delivery is really free, is when a florist is running a promotion or you get a free delivery coupon or discount code. To receive this you usually have to subscribe to their newsletter and wait for this special code or promotion to be emailed to you. You can sign up for ours over here if you like... :-)

“But it’s just down the road...”

Choosing a local florist in the area you need delivery to, even if the florist is just down the road, unfortunately doesn’t mean you can avoid the delivery fee. If the florist is alone, she has to lock up her shop, drive to deliver the flowers, and may lose any customers that might have come in during that time. The same goes for sending her driver or assistant. It takes time and they have to drive, since one can’t walk on the street with the flowers blowing in the wind or baking in the sun.

Specific Delivery Times

We cannot stress this enough and we feel like broken records on this topic, but even though we will always do our best to accommodate special requests, flowers and gifts cannot be delivered at specified times.

You cannot place your order at 9am in the morning and expect it to be there before 12. Why, you may ask. Well, the florist might only open at 8am. During the night she could receive anything from 20 to 100’s of orders from various florist partners. She then makes up all the orders for that day, usually according to areas. Deliveries normally go out in 2 batches, 8-1pm and 1-5pm. Your order might be the 100th one and can only go with the second batch, since the first batch left at 8am. And while we do our best to make exceptions here in Durban, we’re often at the mercy of a florist in a different town or city in South Africa.

So what can you do? Since you probably know months in advance that your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife etc has a Birthday or anniversary coming up, we suggest you place your order at least a day in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if you need it to be delivered in the morning... ;-)

Note: Same day flower delivery means your flowers will likely be delivered in the afternoon.

So, in a nutshell, there’s no such thing as a free ride in life, so no way out of paying delivery fees (unless it’s a promotion). If you want your order delivered early, order in advance, and yes, the flowers will be delivered to your door... with a smile... ;-)

If you have any questions or concerns about flower delivery in Durban or South Africa, please feel free to post them in the comments below.

Image source: Wilson's Clipart


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